Tooling refurbishment - Animex

delapena sintered tool refurbishment service delivers first class tool refurbishment to all major honing tool manufacturers including, Gehring, Nagel, Jones & Shipman, Pemamo, Kadia, Ohio Tool Works, Animex.

Inspection of tools

  • Pre inspection of tools before any work is started.
  • Post Inspection of the tools after Refurbishment has been completed.

Our Expertise

  • Delapena manufactures specialised Honing tools as well as offering a refurbishment service for other brands of tools (see above)
  • Reputation for precise and efficient process
  • Knowledgeable and friendly customer service team.
  • UK Manufacture of honing tooling and state of the art honing machines.

Your Benefits

  • Cost effective tool refurbishment.
  • First class technology used.
  • Stocking of customer specific Honing stones
  • Detailed processing and refurbishment of your tool
  • Quick turnaround as standard
  • We can meet your individual requirement.